Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BECAUSE It All Starts With Values

by Rob Glander, GWC Warranty President and CEO

Before I joined GWC, the partners at our parent company asked me what I would do first. I replied "Define the values of the organization." Values are integral to who we are, how we interact with our customers and what type of person belongs on our team. This is serious business: We believe that Jack Welch got it right when he said "Making your numbers but not demonstrating our values is grounds for dismissal."

It's also an exciting opportunity: We have a chance every day to establish ideals for our business and then live up to them.

Every one of our employees knows what BECAUSE stands for at GWC:


We're living these values every day at GWC. I'm confident that as we continue to expand and evolve they will serve as a great foundation for our business.