Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

by Rob Glander, GWC Warranty President and CEO

The GWC Warranty sales team recently held its National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas. It was the first time we’d gathered the entire Sales organization in one place since August 2008, when the meeting was held in Scranton. As much as we love NE Pennsylvania, weather-wise January is a tough month so we headed to the Southwest.

Contrary to the infamous advertising slogan, I’m confident that what happened in Vegas WON’T stay there! We had a tremendous time discussing our goals for the year, refreshing our product knowledge and sharing ideas for how to better meet the needs of our dealer customers.

We also spent some time celebrating. Like many of our dealers, we have successfully weathered the toughest economic times in memory. We’re standing tall, building on our financial strength and growing aggressively.
Most importantly, we were able to strengthen the bonds between our new and experienced Dealer Consultants and remind everyone that they work for a GREAT company with a unique heritage. We arrived in this position by serving our customers energetically, offering superlative service and rolling out unique products.

It’s no secret: GWC has the best team serving the most successful independent and franchise dealers in the U.S. We ensure that our customers have “No Worries. Just Drive.” And we’re already taking our Vegas experiences out to our customers and creating even greater shared celebrations in 2011.
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