Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rewarding the Producers

GWC Warranty is all about Accountability.  In fact, “Accountability” is literally at the center of our core BECAUSE values!  And that makes celebrating top talent that thrives in a culture of Accountability especially rewarding.

Our top salespeople, our producers, are those rare individuals who are self-motivated to be the best.  They don’t have to be prodded or pushed to do so; they simply wake up every day driven to perform.  As company leaders, Chris and I don’t get to spend enough time with them; in fact, we all too often fall into the trap of spending an disproportionate amount of time trying to fix what’s broken rather than enjoying what’s working!

Our recent trip to Bermuda with our top salespeople and their significant others was a small way to thank them for all they do and spend some quality fun time in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


It obviously looks like Joe and Amir (along with his lovely wife Nena) enjoyed themselves!

We have many exceptional people in our company, particularly those on our Sales team who tirelessly represent GWC on the street to our dealers every day.   It was a privilege (and a lot of fun) to kick up the Bermuda sand with the very best of these talented folks and their partners.

What Am I Reading?
The InterestingsA great summer read that presents a 4-decade chronicle of the lives of six precocious teens who proclaim themselves “more interesting than anyone else in the world” while at summer camp in 1974.  They may believe they’re exceptional but their challenges end up looking an awfully lot like those of “uninteresting” people as they navigate through careers, relationships, parenthood and everything else that life throws at them.